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Rowing Fees 2022


• Rowing Fees are payable per row.

• All rowing fees should be paid into the BGRC bank account, via BACS. We do not accept cash for rows. Please do not embarrass your cox by trying to pay in cash!

• We are asking every member to be responsible for keeping an accurate record of how many rows they have over the course of a month and to then make a BACS payment direct to our bank account retrospectively for the month prior to payment. We ask each rower to put their SURNAME and ‘RF’ (for Rowing Fees) as a reference to assist our treasurer with accounting.

• Our treasurer needs to be able to cross reference members rowing fee payments against the rowing schedule and your cooperation is very much appreciated as we cannot link unidentified payments up with club members.

• BACS payments for rowing fees should be made at calendar month end for amounts of £10 or more. If you have rowed in one calendar month but the total amount of rowing fees owed is less than £10, please carry the amount forward and add it to the next calendar month’s payment.

All Adult Members: £2 per person

Junior Members: Free

Racing Squad Rows: £2 per person. Pay up to 3 training rows per week, then FOC.
This is discretionary and at trust.

LTR rows: Experienced rowers making up LTR crew are FOC

Pilot Seat ride: £5 per person. Please see note below*

BGRC Bank Details
Sort Code 60-03-29
Account No 79122124
Please remember to put the reference your SURNAME followed by ‘RF’ (Rowing Fee) against your BACS payment.

Any club member who would like to have a visiting guest accompany them in the boat, either to ride in the pilot seat, or to be a guest rower should download the BGRC Pilot Seat / Guest Registration Form 2022 from the Members Area of the Club website (MEMBERS AREA/DOCUMENT LIBRARY).

The form should be emailed to the guest for completion and once done, emailed back to the club member acting as host for the guest.
The club member should then forward the completed electronic form to the Membership Secretary to in advance of the date of the scheduled row.