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Terms of Reference -Rowing & Admin Committee Secretary

  • Act as a member of the Rowing Committee and Administration Committee.
  • Attend and keep a record of both Committee’s regular (quarterly) meetings by taking and publishing minutes.
  • Collate, file, and distribute all documentation relating to the activities of the Rowing Committee and Administration Committee.
Principal Accountabilities:
  • Be accountable for the taking of minutes at all Rowing Committee and Administration Committee meetings, the BGRC AGM, and any other meetings as asked by the Chair(s) or Board of Directors.
Principal Tasks:
  • Monitor and manage mailbox, forwarding any incoming communications and reports to the appropriate Club Officers.
  • Book appropriate venues for meetings and inform all members of dates and times.  
  • Assist the Chair(s) of the Committees in putting together and distributing agendas.
  • Request and collate reports from the members/officers of both Committees and distribution of these to members in advance of meeting dates.
  • Inform the Webmaster & Communications Officer of any relevant dates to add to the Club calendar.
Reporting Line:
  • The Admin & Rowing Meetings Secretary is a member of the Rowing and Administration Committees and is accountable to the Chair(s).
Key Deliverables:
  • To maintain and update Rowing and Administration Committee records, communicate relevant reports and dates to the Webmaster and Communications Officer for circulating to the membership.