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Please ensure you give the name of someone who does not gig row with you e.g. husband/wife should not give each other as ICE contacts if they ever row together
The person who will be paying the subscription for the family should enter all the names of the family below. Each individual is required to register individually also.
Please download and complete the Parental Consent Form and once signed return to BGRC Parental Consent and Declaration Form 2019, and complete the Parent / Carer contact details below.  
Please read this carefully:
  • Regular physical activity is fun and healthy.  Being more active is very safe for most adults.  However, some should check with their GP before they start becoming much more physically active.
  • Bridport Gig Rowing Club (BGRC) accepts no liability for persons who undertake physical activity; if in doubt consult your GP prior to physical activity.
  • Rowers should expect a review with Squad Captains when joining Racing Squad.
  • Medical info will be shared with Coxes, Coaches and Squad Captains if relevant.
  • Medical info may be discussed with Squad Captains at point of entry into BGRC squad(s).
  • I have read, understood the health and safety requirements above.
  • I declare that I am and will continue to be medically and physically fit and able to participate in any Rowing Activity.
  • I will immediately notify BGRC in writing of any change to my fitness and ability to participate.
  • I understand and accept BGRC will continue to rely upon this declaration in good faith as up-to-date evidence of my fitness and ability to participate in on and off water activity with BGRC.
I certify that I am able to swim 50 metres in gig rowing clothing, that I can tread water for 2 minutes and that I can swim under water for 5 metres, as per the recommended standard issued by British Rowing.
I consent to any photographs or videos of me to be taken in accordance with BGRC procedures and best practice guidelines, for use and publication in relation to BGRC club rowing activity. Photos/videos of my image may be published on:
  • BGRC website
  • BGRC social media (e.g. closed group Facebook page)
  • in print within BGRC on gig rowing documentation (e.g. in-house newsletter ‘Flags Up’)
  • shared in public in relation to BGRC (e.g. local newspaper sports reports)
I confirm I agree to the use of my personal information where required, as described by BGRC in their Data Policy, whilst I remain a member of BGRC. Data Policy
I confirm that I have read, understood and will adhere to the BGRC Code of Conduct for members.  I understand and respect that all BGRC members are entitled to harassment free participation.  I understand that failure to comply with the Code of Conduct could result in BGRC terminating my membership.   Code of Conduct