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On Sunday 9 October a posse of BGRC coxes made their way down to Plymouth for a day’s training with the West Region Coach Education Team.

The idea of the day was to improve coxing and coaching skills; coastal clubs of all different disciplines were invited. There were a variety of sessions available – Coaching Juniors; CPR & Defibrillator Training; Developing a Winter Training Programme; Rigging Workshop; Rowing Development Guide and Coaching Style; Strength and Conditioning.

Feedback has been that this was a very useful day with a wide range of information being shared some of it being particularly useful. Ideas were shared about the importance, and benefits, of core and quad strength; areas which many rowers struggle with.

A rower development scheme shared by British Rowing focused on the different styles of communication that can be explored to assist in delivering your message as coach/cox.

The session about Junior coaching included commentary on research that is being undertaken into how girls/young women’s health affects their rowing performance is being carried out – in particular related to hormone changes and calorie deficits. A note here to consider that as women move through their lives they go through continuous hormonal adjustments related to their physical age and adjustments may be necessary. Something to bear in mind.

At BGRC we are all extremely lucky (and spoilt) with the skills and dedication of our coxing team. That said we are also aware that there are occasions when there are not enough coxes available to enable us to put as many gigs on the water as we would love to do. So please, general rower or squad member, new to the sport, or a seasoned salty sea dog, please do consider training up to become a BGRC Cox.

If you are interested please contact our lead cox, Jason Matthews, e:, or, in the first instance have a chat with the cox in your boat when you are next out on the water.

Thank you to all of the BGRC Coxes for the efforts that you make on our behalf.